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Fastest Pen in the West

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Climbing Word Mountain

Afternoon, partner – the name’s Micah Sewell.  I’m a freelance writer based in beautiful Missoula, Montana.  You probably want to hire me to write some articles for you (SEO, blog, livejournal – your choice).  I can offer you high-quality work and a quick turn-around time.  Don’t just take my word for it, though – check out my sample articles or get a handle on my rates and such.

Cherry-picked facts about me:

-I have a Master’s degree in Environmental Studies with a focus on non-fiction writing.  This means I like trees and stuff, but also words.

-I write all my work and bake all my bread from scratch, so you can count on a tasty deliverable that will make your whole kitchen smell wonderful.*

-I speak Italian, French, and Norwegian, but I will refrain from writing your articles in any language other than English, my native tongue (unless you’re into that).

-I also offer audio services (voiceover) at competitive rates.  See my portfolio for samples and more information.

*Smells subject to extra chargeGet in touch through any of the copious number of contact forms (including but not limited to the one below) to get started.