Trollstigen – Rocketing Down Norway’s Silliest Road

There’s not too much to say about Trollstigen, the Troll’s Highway, really. It’s billed as Norway’s most impressive road, with its dozen twists and turns laid out across a mountainside. It’s a silly place, with a modernist visitor center at the top. The designer of this center made the bathroom sinks look so much like urinals that they’ve since had to post signs that say “Don’t piss here.” That should tell you something.

As fun as it was to ride down, I couldn’t help but think that this road, open for less than half the year, prone to rockslides and closures, is as excessive as third houses or gold-plated braces. Quite nice to look at, but really, why? I’m sure there’s more to the story (there always is), but I’m glad that the Troll’s Highway is one-of-a-kind – the world can’t handle too many of these places, and I prefer to wash my hands in a sink, not a urinal.

BUT, it should be said, it was really quite nice to ride down.





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