This page is in progress; soon there will be wonderful things here, the likes of which neither you nor I can even imagine.  Until then, would you like to follow along on my Norwegian bike tour?  Read some longer-form creative writing?  Listen to some of my audio work on yeast and Nicaraguans? Hire me to write for you? See who’s behind this business?  You’ve come to the right place, then – welcome!


Breaking News!

August 27th, 2013

You wouldn’t know it from reading these updates, but I made it to Tromsø today! It’s been tough to keep the writing coming as fast as I can pedal, but there are many more stories to come – fishing in the maelstrom, companions and hosts on the road, and the troll-infested wilds of northern Norway; I’ll get to them all soon. But I couldn’t leave you hanging after accomplishing the goal: 3000 kilometers from Amsterdam to Tromsø. I’m going to take a nap – see you soon,


Tromsø + rainbow



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